What is a Professional Organiser and why do I need one?

A Professional Organiser helps individuals and/or businesses create and implement better organising systems in their space to reduce stress, clutter and help to improve overall quality of life and productivity.

Just like a Personal Trainer can help and motivate others to improve their physical wellbeing, a Professional Organiser can help and motivate others to improve their physical space and organising systems.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or unproductive, a Professional Organiser can help you to get back on track!

I'm not sure where to start?

Don't worry! If you need some help with finding where to start, book into a no obligation 30 minute consultation with me where we will work through what you would like to achieve and how to get there!

Where are you located and do you travel?

I am located in Auckland and can travel Auckland wide. If you are outside of Auckland and are interested in booking a session, please get in touch as I am happy to travel at a fee.

What happens during the session?

If you book into a consultation, we will spend 30 minutes working together on what you want to achieve and write up an action plan.

At a standard practical organising session, we begin with decluttering, move on to sorting and then finally organising.

At a standard planning session, we look at your current planning systems, then look at simplifying or adding a system and then put the system into action.

All sessions are completely confidential and comply with the IOPO code of practice.

How do I keep my space organised/keep on top of my planning system after my session?

During your session, you will learn tips and systems to utilise daily, however if you feel that you are getting back into old habits, don't hesitate to book into a one hour catch up session!

Do I need to tidy up before the session?

Please don't! Your space is best left as is so that I can see how it is truly used day to day. This way we can identify the best organising solutions for the space!

I can't afford new storage and/or don't want to spend any extra?

There is no requirement to purchase new storage! I am a believer of utilising what you already have. If what you have already works well, why buy more things to add to your clutter? However if you would like to purchase new storage you are also more than welcome to and we can work with you on where to purchase the best storage solutions.

How is my privacy protected and is my personal information kept confidential?

When you have confirmed a booking, an email will be sent to you with our privacy policy and Terms and Conditions. These will outline how Chaos To Order will ensure your privacy and personal information will be kept confidential. At any point should you feel uncomfortable, please let us know. We do require photos of before and after, however these will be kept only for our reference and should we post an image on to social media or use it for marketing, we will ensure to get written permission from the owner.