Our Values

Our Values are at the core of everything we do. We believe that these three values are essential to a successful organising or planning session.


Being honest and true to yourself with what you want your space and/or life to look like.


Being passionate about the process and implementing new processes and systems.


Respecting yourself, others around you and your belongings.

About Chaos To Order

Chaos to Order was created to help kiwis gain order back in their life.

Many of us strive to live a life as stress free as possible and struggle to find a way to reduce everyday stressors like clutter and poor time management skills. Whether it's from not having the time, feeling overwhelmed or not knowing where to start, a Professional Organiser can help you to take back control of your time and belongings and not let them take over you.

At Chaos To Order, we take the time to listen and get to know you. We won't force you to do anything you're not comfortable with like throwing away things that mean something to you or making you purchase all new storage systems.

If you're ready to make a change for the better, contact us now for a no obligation consultation!